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New York Cookbook: From Pelham Bay to Park Aven...
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NIBBLES AND NOSHES Falafel, fritters, and the Four Seasons' Salmon Rillettes. Grandma Dora's Chopped Liver and Lupe's savory Empanadillas. Steamed pork dumplings, a caviar primer, smart cocktails by the borough. SOUP AND BREAD Mai Loan Bass' Vietnamese Sweet and Sour Soup and Spring Street Prosciutto Bread. Lord & Taylor's Scotch Broth and West Indian Coco Bread. Plus Eli's Orwasher's, and the return of the neighborhood bakery. MAIN STREET MEATS The '21' Club Burger. The New Your steak. June Bobb's Garlic Pork, and Leg of Lamb with Oregano Potatoes. And oh, the brisket! CHICKEN TOWN Andre Soltner roasts it, Laurie Colwin bakes it, Mrs. Pearl Colwin cacciatories it, Yvonne 'Lola' Bell fries it, Mrs. Hathansel paprikashes it, Allan Vernon jerks it, Kaneeze Fatima tandooris it, and Carmen Luisa Reyes turns hers into soulful Arroz con Pollo. SEAFOOD Grand Central Oyster Bar's classic Oyster Pan Roast. The genius of Gilbert Le Coze and his Shellfish Stew. Anne Rosenweig's signature Lobster Club Sandwich and Ed Bradley's spicy Shrimp Creole (takes less than 60 minutes). VEGETABLE SOPHISTICATION Edna Lewis' Greens and Marvelous Marrakesh Carrots. Abyssinian Baptist Church's Slow Cooked Green Beans and Union Square Caf, 's Mashed Turnips with Crispy Shallots. THE WAYS TO LOVE PASTA From lasagne to pastisio, pierogi to wonton, pad Thai to cold sesame noodles. With Puttanesca a la Andy's Colonial Tavern, Turkey Day Spaghetti Carbonara, and Horn & Hardart's Baked Macaroni and Cheese. 63 SPECTACULAR ENDINGS Sally Deitz's Outrageous Chocolate Cake. Junior's Cheesecake, Lindy's Cheesecake. That famous Carrot Top Cake. Le Cirque's CrSme Brulee and Greek Diner Banana Cream Pie, the pie that reachesthe sky. PLUS hundreds of photographs, walking tours, shopping tips, cooking hints, feature stories, anecdotes, and where-to-find-its throughout. CITYMEALS-ON-WHEELS In the true spirit of a community cookbook, a portion of the royalties earned by this book are donated to Ci

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