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Private Tour: Zhujiajiao Ancient Town,Xintiandi...
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Experience door-to-door private guided tour including Zhujiajiao Ancient Town and several Shanghai’s iconic attractions. Start your exploration of the ancient water town of Zhujiajiao by boat and foot and enjoy local speciality for lunch there. Appreciate the SHIKUMEN style old houses and the relaxing atmosphere of Xintiandi; experience the original Shanghai atmosphere in Bird and Flower market. When the night falls, stroll around Yuan Old Street, enjoying charming night scenery and experiencing the street life. Plus, have a whole new experience - enjoying a cup of coffee and admiring bird’s-eye views of Shanghai and sunset from the observation deck of Shanghai Tower.1. Explore the best preserved water towns - Zhujiajiao Ancient Town 2. Wander in the Bund and admire the 26 various buildings of different architectural styles 3. Private guide for a more personalized experience4. Time-smart arrangements: no hurrying, no shopping, and no wasted time

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