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Laxiba The IBS Navigator
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Do you suffer from regular abdominal pain, diarrhea or flatulence? IBS affects your whole life: love, work, and spare time, because the symptoms distract you and can even force you not to take part in some activities. You might think I just take a pill to cure it. Not so fast. That is not the right way to treat it. Well, then you may consider using the FODMAP diet. Shame, shame, shame. The basic approach is old fashioned and based on a lack of data, so you should fire a doctor proposing it. What you should do instead is adapt your diet to your sensitivity profile. That is what you will do with this book and what enables you to lower your symptoms reliably while having as much choice as possible. It starts with a proper diagnosis also considering celiac disease and much more. Then it shows you the fitting diet. You receive the state of the art science in an accessible and simple to use way. You find answers to all of your questions concerning the irritable bowel syndrome. The experience of experts and patients from all over the globe enables you to regain your quality of life! Smart: Tolerable serving sizes in kitchen units, and gram, to make cooking, and shopping easy, for more than 1,000 foods based on the best market data. In addition, delicious recipes for your diet. Flexible: Help for various chronical abdominal diseases that cause IBS symptoms, including celiac and Crohn's disease, fructose, lactose and sorbitol intolerance as well as combinations thereof, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, and diverticulitis. Our cheat sheets make sure you always have the relevant information at hand. Holistic: Advice on how to calm your digestion further by acting on symptom moderators, covering stress and a balanced diet.

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