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Discover all the hidden tricks, tips, and secrets on the Alexa app and Amazon Echo Dot with this info-packed bundle! So, I've decided to bundle my three best-selling books on the Alexa app and Amazon Echo Dot - all at a fraction of the cost. Each book was designed to help you maximize the benefits of the Amazon Echo Dot and use your Alexa app more effectively. Whether you'd like to program the Dot to work with your home speakers, have it order you an Uber, or command it to read your kids a bedtime story - it's all here! (And much, much more!) The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot are rich with possibilities and programmable skills, which is why it took three books to cover it. Inside you'll get the following: How to Program Alexa: Step-by-Step Guide to Programming Your Amazon Echo Dot and Alexa App for Exciting New SkillsIf you've recently purchased an Amazon smart device and are having trouble programming the Alexa app - then this guide will be your life raft! It covers a wide range of intuitive new skills you can easily program on Alexa. You'll discover how to check your bank statements, manage your social media, conduct shopping lists, operate home appliances, get updates on vehicle maintenance requirements and much more with the Alexa app. Amazon Echo Dot: The Complete User Guide and Manual for Quickly Mastering Your Amazon Echo DotThis is an A-to-Z guide for the Amazon Echo Dot. It's meant to take you from complete novice to an intermediate or advanced Echo Dot user, very quickly. Amazon Echo Dot: The Updated User Guide for Operating Your Alexa App and Amazon Echo DotLike the first two guides, this book tells you all you need to know about configuring and operating the Amazon Echo Dot. However, it goes much deeper into using and programming the miracle that makes it all happen: Alexa. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Chuck Shelby. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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