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Meal Prep Cookbook, Slow Cooker Recipe Cookbook, Gut Diet & One Pot Cookbook is a four audiobook bundle.If you’re interested in saving time and energy through efficient, smart meal prep strategies, then The Complete Meal Prep Cookbook is the book for you!With the beginner in mind, this cookbook includes basic shopping lists that you can use as your grocery store guide, as well as a number of handy meal prep tips and tricks to help you stick with your weight loss plan! The book focuses on quick, easy-to-follow, nutritious recipes that you can prep beforehand for every meal of the day. Important nutritional info is also provided for all recipes, allowing you to work towards a healthy body and weight with a full understanding of what you’re eating.The Complete Slow Cooker Cookbook: Simple Recipes, Extraordinary Results: You control the ingredients to an extent, making the dishes healthy and personalized. The technique is simply pushing a button. If this sounds like the type of cooking you can get behind, then this is the book you have been waiting for.You will find that each recipe in this book embraces the idea of slow cooker simplicity married with delicious and classic flavors!Gut Diet: Are you struggling with how to properly gain good bacteria into your gut? All the foods we eat have a benefit to our nutritional values. However, some of the foods that we eat can be harmful to our gut.When our gut isn’t healthy, our system isn’t healthy. We can lose sleep, possibly become depressed, and even gain weight. Gut issues are a concern of over 50 percent of the population in the US.This book will help you to get proper gut health through eating good bacteria foods and probiotics, along with fermented foods! This book will be a staple for you in changing your lifestyle and maintaining your gut health. Complete One Pot Meal: 1. Language: English. Narrator: Christopher C. Odom, Dr. Michelle Carabache, Michelle Colao. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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